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22 November 2016 Remote performance checking added to Evo X

The Evo X camera system builds upon the performance success of the Evo8. In a recent test at a three lane location, the Evo X provided detection rates of 98.85% and a correct read rate of 98.84% across all three lanes. The performance statistics for this high speed test site (M40 west from London) were compiled utilizing the Evo X’s on-board Automated National ANPR Standard for Policing (AutoNASP) facility.

The AutoNASP application allows for clients to schedule a test on an Evo X camera, configurable by amount of vehicles (typically 250 for NASP) or by length of time. Once complete, the survey file which consists of a video clip for the period with associated plate reads and plate patch images, is available for either immediate or scheduled download.

Retrieved survey files can then be played. As the survey is played the ANPR plate reads are displayed when that time is reached. The user then manually checks the plate has been read correctly, adds any missed vehicles or corrects a read should it be incorrect. A reason for the missed plate or misread vehicle can be allocated which will adjust the statistical outcome of the test depending on whether the reason is attributable to the camera or not.

Once the review process is complete the final statistics for plate detection and read rate with a pass/fail notice is provided. Survey files can then be logged and saved as required. This enables a full system test without the requirement to visit site.

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