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28 August 2014 Evo8 NASP Report


Having supplied over 600 cameras to more than 20 UK Police forces in the last 12 months alone, the Evo8 camera has undergone extensive testing against the UK Police ANPR performance requirements.

More recently, CA Traffic have entered into a technology partnership with ISS (CitySync) to provide the Evo8 with the CitySync ANPR engine. Launched in May 2014 this combination has produced impressive results which were corroborated during a series of live field tests, carried out by an independent body, to validate and verify the performance of the new Evo8 with CitySync ANPR engine using the NASP method for ANPR performance assessment.

These tests were carried out by ANPR Consulting Limited** during May and June 2014. The test camera was installed on an over-bridge over the busy A404 dual carriageway in Berkshire at its intersection with the A4130 (Henley Road). A ‘Dual Lane’ Evo8 was deployed on a Trafficmaster bridge mount, over the southbound carriageway looking at two lanes of oncoming traffic.

A summary of the test results is as follows:


Please also note the capture of the straddling vehicle in image 1 and that the Evo8 automatically crops the “area of interest” on the overview image and denotes which lane the vehicle is in. Selection of reads from the dual lane Evo8 camera showing location, date, time, country of origin, plate read, color overview image, plate patch, plate read and also confidence %. Note that all 5 vehicles are captured and read within a 4 second time frame.


** ANPR Consulting Limited is owned and operated by David Joy, former Force ANPR Data Manager and ANPR Coordinator at Thames Valley Police and can be contacted on 07545 520960 or email Video images and test logs are available for scrutiny.

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