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3 October 2019 CA Traffic – Telensa smart streetlight integration

Telensa Urban IQ solution connects sensors through smart streetlight infrastructure

Telensa, the leader in connected street lighting and smart city data applications, today announced the launch of Urban IQ. A future-proof, open solution designed to connect sensors using smart streetlight infrastructure and visualise the data collected.

The evolution of smart city sensing is at an early stage, and cities cannot predict the mix of sensors and networks needed to support future projects. Urban IQ uses the light pole’s perfect position to host multiple sensors, connected using the best-fit lighting and cellular networks.  Telensa has created Urban IQ to enable cities to deploy sensors today and to support any future smart city strategy.

CA Traffic is one of leading partners who have already connected devices through Urban IQ include together with Vaisala, Aeroqual, Libelium, Farsite Communications, Intouch, Gill, and Eagl. CA Traffic’s device can make real time flow, speed and class data available to Telensa’s system. Currently, solar powered inductive loop monitoring Black Cats and the class leading Black Cat radar are acting a data source devices to the Urban IQ solution.

Read More – link to the news – Telensa

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