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UK, Scotland, Falkirk

UK, Scotland, Falkirk

CA Traffic has recently installed a bespoke, ANPR-based system at two waste-disposal sites in Falkirk, Scotland. The waste sites are for Household Waste only and not for use by commercial contractors.

Vehicles arriving at the waste sites have their number plates read by an Evo8 camera situated at the entrance to the waste site. The ANPR read and associated colour overview image are transmitted via a wireless link to the site office where the data is fed into the CA Traffic-supplied back-office database.

All licence plate reads are then checked against a ‘black list’ of vehicles belonging to commercial contractors. Licence plates that do not register a match are then transmitted from the site office to a roadside VMS displaying the licence plate of the vehicle entering and welcoming them to site. Should a licence plate register a match against a plate on the hot list an audible alarm is generated at which time members of staff in the site office can deal with the potential transgressor.

The back-office system not only offers real-time matching against the hot list but also allows historical data searches and reporting, generating such information as total vehicles on a day-by-day basis, peak times of operation and so on.

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