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UK, Forestry Commission England

UK, Forestry Commission England

CA Traffic Ltd, a key provider of Traffic Monitoring Solutions into the UK Traffic sector, has installed one of their latest technical innovations, the Black CAT Cycle Radar, on a mountain bike trail at Sherwood Pines in Mansfield for the Forestry Commission England.

Black Cat Cycle Radar Installation

Off Road and Off Grid

The Forestry Commission approached CA with the requirement to remotely record the number of bicycles using a mountain bike trail that runs through the middle of Sherwood Pines.

The key issue facing the Forestry Commission was how to detect cycles along the path without the need to tarmac a section of the trail in order to install inductive loops, the traditional method for monitoring bicycles.

The newly released Black CAT Cycle Radar offered the ideal solution. The unit utilises the latest radar technology to supply high quality above ground detection. The low powered nature of the unit allows power to be provided by solar panel making a fully self-sufficient monitoring location without the need for any in ground infrastructure.

Enhanced Accuracy

The Black CAT Cycle Radar offers a number of accuracy improvements, utilising advanced discrimination algorithms which are capable of detecting groups of cyclists and carbon fibre bicycles, both of which cause issues with other detection methods.

An independent video verification of the Cycle Radar was carried out at a site in Cambridge prior to the formal release of the product. The volume accuracy for the Black CAT Cycle Radar over a two hour survey was 93%. The analysis document from this verification can be provided upon request.


The unit is fitted with an internal 3G modem which remotely reports to a CA Traffic Web Hosting server every 15 minutes. The client is then able to log into the data on the secure server using CA Traffic’s VDA-Net R2 data analysis web application.

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