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VDA-Pro R2

VDA-Pro R2

VDA-Pro R2 is a comprehensive database system for traffic data management. Release 2 builds upon the success of VDA-Pro by delivering a familiar interface, in a far more powerful and functionally rich implementation. The product is a client-server based system built on the power of Microsoft SQL Server. The solution excels at rapidly delivering large data sets requested by users for analysis.

Data Types

The following sources of data are supported:

  • Supports all CA Traffic loop, radar & tube based counters
  • Extended support for Black CAT binned surveys
  • Full Black CAT support for vehicle by vehicle data

CA Traffic Ltd are able to supply many conversion options for data file types as well as a database conversion service for existing databases.

Vehicle by Vehicle Data (VBV)

Rebuilt from the ground up to cope with the modern requirement for VBV data the application allows large range of VBV data to be loaded and analysed (64 bit version recommended). The customisable, stackable data filters allow for detailed analysis of subsets of data.

New Data Management

Scans pre-set locations for new files. The system will examine each file in turn and data check the file’s contents against existing data in the database for consistency and either add it, if it is consistent, or reject it, if it isn’t. Users can then manually investigate the issue in the data.

Feature List

  • Event Removal – Take account of both global and local events when analysing data
  • Data Editing – Powerful set of edit tools to clean and manage source data
  • Group Reporting – Quickly generate key data values for a range of sites
  • Batch Exporting – Create the same export for a range of sites
  • Data Patching- Calculate improved AADTs by using seasonal distributions to fill in missing data
  • Virtual Sites – Create cordons and screen lines for area flow analysis
  • Compare data – Allows datasets from different sites, periods or intervals to be compared

Optional Modules

Map Interface

The integrated, interactive map interface allows for visual location reference using an internet mapping service. The interface provides easy access to both sites and data sets. Maps can be exported for inclusion in reports.

VDA Pro R2 Map

Integrated Telemetry

The integrated Telemetry module allows users to manage remote units and retrieve data. All CA Core units and Black CAT units are supported. The centralised Auto Access Service can be installed to allow automated retrieval of data at pre-set intervals.

Journey Time Module

The journey time module allows vehicle identification data (ID data) to be stored in the database. The module supports ANPR data and Bluetooth data. Once the data has been added to the database the data from different sources can be analysed to make links.

Origin and Destination Module

Take ID data to the next level by using it for O&D and turning movement analysis. The analysis engine includes support for Bluetooth tag data and ANPR data.

Catalyst Compatible

Brings real time data functionality by using the power and flexibility of Catalyst. Units managed by a Catalyst In-station can be configured to automatically push data into a VDA-Pro R2 database.


Supports all Windows OS’s from XP onward, including Windows 10

SQL Server 2008 or SQL Server 2008 Express or above for the database.

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