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VDA-Pro R2 Origin and Destination

VDA-Pro R2 Origin and Destination

Take your vehicle identification data to the next level with VDA-Pro R2’s origin and destination module by using data from either ANPR or Bluetooth detection units to track vehicles as they move through the network.

Matrix Results

The Origin and Destination matrix table shows the matrix of vehicle’s starting and ending locations as they pass through the network. The interactive result map plots the selected routes allowing users to visualise the result data set. Result maps can be exported for inclusion in documents and reports.

The result form allows individual time periods to be displayed, allowing easy visualisation of changes in how traffic flows through the network at different time periods.

Each individual vehicle, its start time, route duration and the exact route taken can also be visualised in the vehicle by vehicle viewer.

Routing Tables

The module also offers an Origin Routing table and a Destination Routing table that allows users to analyse where people at a various point go to and the routes they take to get there at different periods in the day.


As with the Journey Time Module, users can remove unusual periods of data and unusual days from the result set by excluding events.

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