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VDA-Lite brings advanced analysis features to entry level users by wrapping the powerful VDA-Pro R2 data engine in a simple to use, contemporary interface.

The use of a Microsoft Access Database engine allows for simple installation of the application on systems. The application can also be made to function in multi-user environments (Separate Client Licences Required)

  • Simple, Intuitive analysis software
  • Uses the Powerful VDA-Pro R2 data engine
  • Native Support for Black Cat Data
  • Microsoft Access Database
  • Microsoft Excel Data Exporting
  • New Data File Management
  • Built-in VDA2 upgrade feature
  • Supports all Windows OS’s from XP onward, including Windows 10

Data Types

The following sources of data are supported:

  • Supports all CA Traffic loop, radar & tube based counters.
  • Extended support for Black CAT Binned Surveys.
  • Full Black CAT support for Vehicle by Vehicle data.


Data files can be stored in the database and labelled with the location it was recorded at. Individual channels can be assigned titles and grouped to allow sets of channels, such as all northbound flows, to be reported on. Data can then be easily located at a later period in time and then loaded by selecting dates on the calendar.


Includes a large range of reports. Allows for different intervals and summaries to be reported on. The easy manipulation of datasets using the tool bars allows users to quickly get to required data, with a graph of the dataset always displayed to aid visualisation. The Microsoft Excel exporting allows a dataset to be generated in native Excel format so it can easily be distributed.

Data Filters

The customisable, stackable filters allow for detailed analysis of subsets of data. By removing unwanted data from reports, very specific quantities and times of vehicles of interest can be reported upon.

New Data File Management

The new file monitor scans configurable, pre-set locations for new files. This feature allows for the easy management of new data, simplifying the process of maintaining the database.

VDA2 Upgrade

The built in VDA2 upgrade facility allows users to migrate their existing database making this the perfect upgrade for VDA2 users.

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