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VDA-Pro R2 Journey Time Module

VDA-Pro R2 Journey Time Module

The Journey Time Module delivers advanced Journey Time analysis features in VDA-Pro R2’s simple to use intuitive interface. Use vehicle identification data from either ANPR or Bluetooth detection units to monitor delays on links at various times.

BT Setup SS2


The built in mapping allows the easy creation of links and the automatic calculation of routes making the creation of link networks a relatively simple process for both permanent and temporary surveys.

Summarise Data

Load large ranges of data for a link to summarise how the link performs at various times of the year. Remove data where either local or global events have affected normal network performance to get a cleaner and representative set of data.

Link Chain Analysis

Analyse the journey times across chains of links to get an increased understanding of how routes perform at various points in the day.

Link Playback

Visualise the flow of data on the network using the powerful Journey Time playback feature. Analyse the performance of the network on a day by day basis to visually examine congestion trigger points and the effect on parts of the network.

VDA-Pro R2 Link Playback

VDA-Pro R2 framework

Built within the VDA-Pro R2 framework, the journey time data makes use of many features included in VDA-Pro R2 such as Batch Exporting, Data Compare Tool and Exporting.

Catalyst Compatible

Bring real time data ID data to your database using the power and flexibility of Catalyst. Supports data from Black CAT devices with Bluetooth detection installed and the EVO range of ANPR Cameras.

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