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VDA-Net R2

VDA-Net R2

Increase the value of traffic data by providing it to more people using VDA-Net R2’s simple and intuitive web interface. VDA Net R2 allows traffic monitoring data stored in a VDA-Pro R2 database to be requested and delivered by an internet browser. Release 2 also allows Journey Time data, recorded using Bluetooth or ANPR units, to be viewed.

Enhanced Web Analysis

Release 2 of VDA-Net offers significant enhancement over the original release.
The website is built on APIs giving a responsive client experience. The REST architecture offers enhanced user-perceived performance and the ability to easily scale the system.

Integrated Mapping

Includes integrated mapping feature to allow users to more easily locate the best data to fit their requirements.

Journey Time Module

The module delivers link analysis features, allowing the long term analysis of journey time data to be delivered to end users via the internet. The module includes mapping to help users visualise links and a range of reports and options to help end users get the most value from the data.

Responsive Framework

VDA-Net R2 is built on a responsive framework so it can be easily used on small devices such as tablets and mobile phones, whilst still making use of the space available on a desktop PC. The use of HTML 5 delivers a modern, elegant and accessible interface.

Security Framework

VDA-Net R2 offers enhanced account security by using the latest Microsoft Identity Framework. The framework allows the application to be configured so that users can log-in with accounts from other providers such as Linked-In, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter. The framework also has the ability to add more security using two-factor authentication with SMS and email.

User Control

Administrators can control which sites and features users have access to use via the online user control system.

Online Help

VDA-Net R2 is provided with an extensive, integrated online help system to allow users help with using the system and understanding the data reports.

Hosting & Customisation

Websites can be deployed on customer servers or hosted by CA Traffic. The website has been designed so it can easily be customised for individual customers. By using a custom master page and custom cascading style sheet (CSS) the product can be given corporate branding to be consistent with other internet content.

Request a Demo

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