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Journey Time Systems

Journey Time Systems

CA Traffic offer a variety of Journey Time Information solutions to allow both real-time and historic Journey Time information to be made available.

For real-time information Catalyst can be utilised with both EVO ANPR cameras  and Bluetooth detectors. Catalyst’s versatility allows individual tags or computed linked journey times to be passed to other systems, such as UTMC databases. Whilst this is in operation the real time data can also be configured to be passed to VDA-Pro R2 for historic analysis.

Catalyst’s in-built algorithm manager allows journey time information to be used as a factor when determining outputs such as displaying information on signs or emailing congestion alerts to users.

All the Catalyst’s system features are delivered with a high degree of fault monitoring and an extensive set of options for passing on the fault information.

VDA-Pro R2 allows the long term storage of the identification data so that Journey Times can be reported on easily and changes in trends and effects of developments can be analysed. This is all delivered through a simple to use interface that calculates route information automatically based on the locations of units.

Bluetooth units can also be deployed as temporary devices, once data is collected it can be added to the VDA-Pro R2 database. Data can then be linked together to discover the Journey Times between two points at varying times in the day.

VDA-Pro R2 also offers an Origin and Destination module that allows vehicles paths through the detection network to be monitored and reported on.

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