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CA Traffic Data Web API

CA Traffic Data Web API

Server-side web APIs are an interface for the outside world to interact with the business logic. CA Traffic offers its Data Web API as a way for external application and websites to make use of its data management and reporting services.


Data Unleashed

The powerful and flexible Web API allows other systems to request and use datasets stored and manged by VDA-Pro R2. External systems and data websites can request data from the Web API. The Web API returns lightweight JSON objects which can be pulled into a database or displayed on a website.

Data Types

The Web API supports analysis on the following types of data:-

  • Volume
  • Speed
  • Vehicle Classification
  • Vehicle Length
  • Vehicle Weight

Journey Time Data

The Web API can also be used to return and display Journey Time data gathered using either Bluetooth or ANPR devices.

Real-Time Data

Data that is pushed into VDA-Pro R2 in real-time is instantly available in through the Web API.


Specialised Data Requests

The Web API can also be configured to make use of the powerful data filtering provided by VDA-Pro R2’s data engine. This allows for very specialised datasets to easily be configured for access by external systems and websites.

Other Features

The Web API also includes links to graphical outputs and excel exports.

At CA Traffic we are happy to discuss any integration projects you may require. Please contact with your requirements.

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