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Minuteman EVR

Minuteman EVR

Usability and reliability are major features of the Minuteman EVR. The intuitive Collect for Palm Pilot or PC creates a simple and functional interface for interacting with the recorder.

The EVR is very low powered and the battery only requires charging once a year. Battery power is provided by a standard rechargeable 6v 12 Ah battery.

Setup couldn’t be simpler, tubes are positioned 1 metre apart and all the user has to do is input the site number. The unit is then ready to operate, recording axle information from every vehicle.

The EVR has been designed to operate over a wide range of speeds and axle weights by using sensitive detectors with advanced tube echo suppression.

The EVR is also suitable for detecting bicycles both off road and in mixed traffic conditions.

The EVR’s tube event records, when passed into VDA2 or VDA-Pro, are converted into Per Vehicle Data. As per vehicle data there is a huge depth of analysis that can be done. Speed by class data can be viewed, speed bins can be altered and speed by gap information can be obtained. All of this information can be printed on reports graphed or exported.

  • Tube Recorder / Classifier
  • Optimised for Busy Roads
  • Easy to Use
  • Low Cost
  • Sensitive Air Switches
  • Congestion Algorithms
  • Bicycle Monitoring
  • Long Battery Life
  • Aluminium Weatherproof Case
  • CA Traffic Software Compatible
  • 2 Year Warranty

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  • Channel Islands - Birmingham

    Our Minuteman EVR is in use throughout Channel Islands

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