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Radar Recorder

Radar Recorder

CA Traffic’s ‘Radar Recorder’ offers significant advantages over previous, across the road, radar monitoring units. The most important of these is the 2nd generation processing algorithm, which is used to accurately deduce speed information. The sophisticated platoon splitting algorithm also makes the Radar Recorder an extremely accurate counting device.

The unit is 6 volt, very low powered, allowing 8 or 16 days of data achievable from either a single or double battery. The recorder uses a standard battery as used by all other CA equipment. To avoid the problem of huge data files having to be downloaded, the device can be set to binning data storage mode as well as being able to do per vehicle data recording.

Height of the bracket can vary from 1-3 Metres to suit the conditions prevailing.

Installation of the bracket requires only that the angle is set approximately to 45º to produce accurate results.

The bracket should be installed at 45º, however, if the installation angle is out by no more than 7º the unit will still record accurate speed and length. The bracket can be fixed in a variety of ways including tamperproof jubilee clips, as supplied, or the regular method of sign banding.

Once installed it takes only seconds to place the recorder in position and padlock the recorder.

The radar mounted at one metre height on a busy two-lane road (12000 Vehicles per day) will, on volume, produce accuracy results of around 98% on the near side and 96% on the far side. As the height of placement of the radar is increased the accuracy of the volume will also be increased. The speeds of vehicles recorded by the device are +/- 1 Mph.

This makes the Radar Recorder a reliable tool for getting speed profiles of both sides of a two-lane road. The unit is also capable of length monitoring method allowing you to distinguish vehicles by length.

  • 24.2 GHz Radar UK Legal
  • VDA-pro / VDA2 Compatible
  • Light Weight
  • 6 Volt Battery, 8/16 Days Life
  • Qwik-Mount Bracket
  • Low Cost / No Consumables
  • Binned and Per Vehicle Data
  • Flash Upgradeable
  • 4Mb Memory standard
  • Non Critical Radar Head Angle
  • 2nd Generation Algorithms
  • Easy Set up
  • Vehicle Classification
  • UK Design & Manufacture
  • 2 Year Warranty

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