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Black Cat WIM

Black Cat WIM

The CA Traffic Black Cat outstation platform was specifically designed to enable integration with additional technologies including Weigh In Motion sensors.

Accurate to the European specification for WIM systems (Cost 323), Black Cat WIM outstations are compatible with both Class 1 Piezo sensor and Kistler Wim sensor installations.

Traditionally configured in a loop-piezo-loop-piezo layout the specially designed road based sensors connect into the locally placed Black Cat Outstation (either Midi or Rack variant) which carries out detection, classification, weighing (including individual axle weights) and speed measurements for each vehicle passing over the sensors.

Furthermore the Black Cat is fully capable of supporting a multitude of different sensor configurations if required. Black Cat WIM Outstations can communicate with the Instation via any wired or wireless network such as Ethernet, or GSM/GPRS subject to a minimum available bandwidth requirement.

Full calibration instructions for both Class I Piezo and Kistler sensor based systems are provided.

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