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Black Cat Radar

Black Cat Radar

The Black CAT Radar unit allows for the collection of traffic data without the need for in-road traffic sensors. This newly developed radar product has the ability to detect the lane position of vehicles, thus allowing the device to monitor two lanes of traffic travelling in the same direction. Furthermore, improvements with the on-board algorithms ensure that the vehicle length measurement is more accurate, allowing for VBV classification.

The device can either be battery powered for short term surveys, or can be solar powered for permanent installations. Units can be fitted with a GSM / GPRS modem and users can specify the way data is collected. It can record either VBV or binned data and can log the data both historically or in real-time. In historical mode the Black CAT Radar waits for the user to collect the data, in real-time mode it sends the data automatically to the in-station at user configurable time periods.

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