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Black Cat Radar Cycle Detection

Black Cat Radar Cycle Detection

The Black CAT Cycle Radar allows for the collection of cycle data without the need for in-ground sensors. This newly developed radar product has been designed for dedicated cycle paths and can accurately collect volumetric cycle data.

Black Cat Radar Cycle Recorder

The Black CAT Cycle Radar’s ability to count groups of cyclists and carbon fibre bikes addresses the key limitations of other sensor technologies, thanks to its advanced radar sensor and sophisticated discrimination algorithms.

The Cycle Radar can either be used for permanent or temporary installations, enabling it to cater for all user requirements. The ease of installation means units can be installed and removed quickly and easily, allowing for rapid deployment on existing street furniture.

Data can be captured at various locations prior to new cycleways being introduced to ensure they are in the most effective location. Units can then be deployed again to produce data to prove the effectiveness of the cycle lanes.

Devices can either be solar or mains powered for permanent installations, or battery powered for short surveys. Units can also be fitted with an internal GSM/GPRS/3G modem for remote data collection where users can specify how and when the data is collected.

See the Forestry Commission case study for an example of an off road, off grid installation.

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