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Black Cat Bluetooth®

Black Cat Bluetooth®

CA Traffic’s Black CAT Bluetooth® utilises cost effect Bluetooth® receiver technology to supply accurate historical or real-time traffic data for journey time monitoring and transportation planning. It monitors the unique 48 bit MAC address of any passing visible Bluetooth® device, such as an in-car hands free kit or navigation system.

The data is encrypted and compressed and stored in the device. The unit has two operating modes, firstly the unit collects data and waits for the user to either manually collect it or dial the unit if a modem is fitted. Secondly it connected to a ‘Catalyst’ in-station via GPRS, it can periodically send in the data automatically. Once collected the data can be analysed to determine journey times.

The Black CAT Bluetooth can either be battery powered for short term surveys, typically 1 to 2 weeks. Or by adding a solar panel, the system can operate permanently. The unit utilises the latest Bluetooth technology with a range of 100M allowing a single unit to collect data across multiple lanes making it a cost effective solution. There is an option to fit a Bluetooth detector card into a standard Black CAT to allow the unit to collect journey time data at the same time as traffic data. In this mode the communications options are extended to include all those currently supported by the standard Black CAT.

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