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19″ Rack

19″ Rack

19" Rack is the largest Black CAT Outstation providing versatility and flexibility of usage. This device is the same as the MIDI with the exception that it can support up to 8 sensor cards and 3 communications cards. There is a limit of 4 cards for any particular sensor type.

The Black CAT Outstation Platform is the next generation in traffic monitoring and control. The product has been designed to provide maximum flexibility and to help future proof the customer’s investment. Its modular design allows new technology to be added, as well as allowing for custom builds to meet each customer’s requirements. There are three case formats that cater for both mains power and alternative power sources.

The versatility of the Black CAT makes it suitable for the majority traffic monitoring and control applications. In its simplest form it can be used as a simple count classifier collecting data for the traffic engineer. It can be used as a system component allowing systems to be created that can act on the information provided to drive traffic signs or even control the traffic flows.

Sensor Technologies

Multiple sensor types are supported, new technologies will be
added as they become available.  The current supported sensors

  • Inductive Loops
  • Piezo electric sensors (Axle detection and
  • Kistler WIM sensors
  • Switch I/O, allowing external sensor types to be interfaced to
    the outstation

Each lane can be configured independently allowing the input of
different sensor configurations and dimensions as well as multiple
sensor arrays.



  • HiOCC.  This algorithm is designed for incident
    detection.  When a loop detects high occupancy it assumes that
    an incident has occuredand sends an alert to the in-station.
  • Speed Threshold.  This algorithm monitors the average
    speed of a predefined period.  If the speed changes to a
    different band, an alarm is sent to the in-station.
  • Flow Threshold.  This algorithm monitors the flow of
    traffic over a predefined period.  If the flow changes to a
    different band, an alarm is sent to the in-station.
  • Complete algorithms for straddle detection and missing axle



  • SNTP
  • Ethernet
  • RS232
  • USB
  • TCP/IP
  • UDP/IP
  • SNMP
  • HTTP
  • FTP
  • CA Serial Protocol
  • Serco MPC


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