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Evo8 fully integrated ANPR camera

Setting a new benchmark in cost-effective high-performance ANPR, Evo8 is an evolutionary leap in smart ANPR camera technology. Evo8 provides a completely self-contained ANPR solution with a wide range of on-board communication options.

"We are delighted with the cost effective advantages of CA's complete journey time system. When fully implemented, it will provide the council and the public with an immense amount of useful travel information, both live and historical."

Gordon Robertson
Leeds City Council

Whether for journey time, enforcement, intelligence, tolling or access control, Evo8 has all the required capabilities.  CA Traffic provides a wide range of mounting options and a full installation and maintenance service -  and of course seamless integration with the unique Evolution journey time system.

ANPR Capabilities

  • Fully integrated solution incorporating camera, image processing and communications in a single unit
  • High-resolution infra-red (IR) ANPR camera with ultra-bright IR LED illuminator for 24x7 covert operation
  • Internationally proven highly-accurate ANPR software recognises plates from all European countries and many other countries world-wide
  • Optional high-resolution colour camera (synchronised to the IR camera) providing detailed overview images
  • Single lane (2.9m horizontal field of view) and two lane (6.5m HFOV) versions
  • Recognition of plates in two lanes simultaneously (two lane version) for both one-way and two-way carriageways
  • Automatic vehicle detection without the need for loops or beams.  An external vehicle presence input is available where required for tolling and access control applications

Data Communications

  • GPRS/Edge/3G/HSDPA modem for IP-based wide area network (WAN) host communications
  • Push or pull data and image transfer via xml web services, FTP or binary socket-based protocol
  • 54 Mbps wireless LAN (wifi) communications as standard for ease of set-up and configuration, including wireless transmission of live video
  • Master/Slave operation requires only one camera in a cluster to be fitted with a WAN modem for transmission of data to/from all cameras within wifi range
  • Gigabit ethernet connection for delivery of live high-resolution digital video (IR or Colour) for example when connected to a fibre CCTV network
  • Remote software upgrades (firmware and applications) via GPRS, Edge, 3G or wifi networks

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  • Our EVO8 fully integrated ANPR Camera is in use throughout Quatar

  • Our EVO8 fully integrated ANPR Camera is in use throughout Switzerland

  • Our EVO8 fully integrated ANPR Camera is in use throughout USA

  • Our Evo8 fully integrated ANPR camera is in use throughout the United Kingdom

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