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Evo X ANPR Camera

Evo X ANPR Camera

Building on the success of the Evo8 intelligent camera, CA Traffic has re-written the ANPR rulebook with the launch of EvoX.

The Evo X camera incorporates the latest image processing and communications technology in a highly modular design. This allows functionality to be tailored to individual end user requirements at the optimum price/performance point. View launch video.

Evo X sets a new standard in ANPR camera performance and functionality:

  • Full HD ANPR and day/night colour overview sensors
  • Massively powerful image processing capability
  • On-board ANPR captures 3 lanes from a single camera
  • Multiple simultaneous plate reads in each lane
  • Ground breaking night-vision overview technology
  • IP video streaming from both sensors
  • Motorised zoom lenses – ANPR and overview
  • PTZ control for CCTV operation, auto-return to ANPR mode
  • Super-fast setup and re-deployment
  • Second modem option for remote maintenance
  • Tailored datasets transmitted to multiple hosts
  • AutoNASP facility for remote performance testing


Evo X has been developed to fulfil UK Police NASP requirements and is suitable for use in a wide range of security applications, with surveillance effectiveness enhanced by the built-in CCTV capability.

Traffic management

Fully UTMC compliant, Evo X can be utilised by local authorities and Highways Agencies for journey time information, traffic flow monitoring and origin/destination
analysis. Evo X can be integrated with CA Traffic’s range of count/classifier systems adding ANPR to Weigh-in-Motion, speed and vehicle classification applications.

Car parking/access control

With a 9 metre plus field of view, a single Evo X can be used to cover wide entrance/exit lanes which otherwise would require multiple cameras. A wide range of wireless comms options ensures power is the only connection required.


Evo X includes video-clip recording technology as needed in bus lane and box junction enforcement applications. High resolution sensors and class-leading ANPR engines deliver the ANPR performance required in video tolling installations.

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