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Cortex – NEW INFO

Cortex – NEW INFO

CorteX is a software suite intended for use with the CA Traffic Evo range of Intelligent ANPR cameras in a variety of applications including surveillance, access control, car park management and vehicle compliance. In its simplest form CorteX is intended for the capture, storage and display of data and images from ANPR cameras. Designed around a SQL Server database, it is highly scalable such that it can support systems with only a small number of cameras or networks of 1000 cameras or more.

A CorteX Instation system typically consists of:

>>CorteX Database; a Microsoft® SQL Server database containing all the tables needed to configure a network of ANPR cameras and to store the data and images.

>> CorteX.exe; an application which manages communications with a network of cameras, inserts data and images into the Database and provides live messaging to inform other applications in real time of status changes and events.

>>CorteX Reports; a set of active web pages served by a web site hosted on the CorteX Database server. These provide a number of user-configurable reports which enable the ANPR data and images stored in the Database to be viewed and analysed. Additional pages provide real time information relating to camera status, activity and events relating to the detection of listed licence plates. CorteX Email Report Service – a configurable service that composes and sends emails containing selected reports from the CorteX Reports website.

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