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ANPR Evolution Software

ANPR Evolution Software

Evolution TM is an ANPR system, operating on a managed web server that allows the client to undertake as much or as little operation responsibility as he wishes.

EvolutionTM can also be supplied in the traditional way, as a stand alone system installed in the client’s offices.  However, with the growing pressure on client time we believe the EvolutionTM approach will bring the benefit of accurate ANPR data without the associated burden of more systems to manage.

  • No Capital Procurement for the system
  • No additional system configuration
  • No additional servers or software to manage and maintain
  • No new systems to learn
  • No network configuration to undertake
  • No IT complications or delays
  • No communication service problems to manage

Being a shared server all system enhancements will be free for all.  EvolutionTM has been designed in accordance with UTMC protocols so is fully compliant.  IP connectivity allows real time data to be returned to the client’s managed system, web services or to roadside transportable VMS.

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