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Increase the value of traffic data by providing it to more people using VDA Net’s simple and intuitive web interface. VDA Net allows traffic monitoring data stored in a VDA-Pro R2 database to be requested and delivered by an internet browser.

Data Selection Interface

The simple to use site selection interface allows using a combination of groups, text and date filters. Sites meeting the condition are displayed in a list and, optionally, on a map. Once the location is selected the user can see where there is data for a site and select the required range via the online calendar.

Data Reports

VDA Net offers a simplified set of data reports that allows the user to see flow levels at varying times of the day. The data toolbar allows the dataset’s view to be manipulated so that different dates, data types and summaries can easily be switched between. Data views are always delivered with a relevant graph to allow users to more easily visualise the dataset.

Excel Export

The optional Excel export feature allows users to request data with the calendar. Excel files are generated on the server and links to the Excel spreadsheets are made available for download.

User Control

Administrators can control which sites users have access to via the online user control system. Site control is done by database and site group. Available groups and which sites belong in a group are controlled with VDA-Pro R2.


VDA Net is designed to be customisable. Using a custom master page and custom cascading style sheet (CSS) the product can be given corporate branding to be consistent with other internet content.

Request Logging

The optional request logging feature allows administrators to see which user has requested what data and when.


Internet Information Services (IIS) Microsoft Web server version 6 and above.

Request a Demo

Online demo available as

Create a user and give a reason and you will be granted access to some sample data

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