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CA Traffic offer a complete installation service for Traffic and Bicycle Monitoring, which includes: Site configuration and design for the collection of volumetric and classified data (including bicycle data). Once on site our experienced installation crews can decide on a suitable location and mark out the site to fit the specific site and configuration required. The loop or peizo slots are cut using motor driven saws with water-cooled diamond blades. We supply and install all types of specialised inductive loop cabling and peizo sensors. The loop slots are then backfilled with hot bitumen (resins in the case of peizo sensors) Ducting is installed from carriageway edge to specific housing location to carry loop feeders etc. We undertake installation of our own specialised cabinets or customers housings. All new sites are fully tested and site specific result sheets are completed. All work to be carried to DTp MCH 1540 or customers’ specifications.

To compliment our installation services we can offer Full Chapter 8 Traffic Management to the new regulations from temporary traffic signals up to full motorway closures including type C and crash cushions.

Our engineers can survey your existing troublesome installations and make a complete operational check. We will then supply you with a report, which shows the full tabulated results and recommendations for rectifying each site.

Our installation teams specialise in work in the traffic data collection field. We are continually undertaking contracts on behalf of the Highways Agency, Local Authorities, Construction Companies and Consulting Engineers.

As a professional company we offer nationwide coverage using only fully trained experienced personnel aiming to give all customers a complete, high standard service at competitive prices.

We also aim to keep in contact with the end user and offer them all the benefits of our vast experience and friendly advice whenever required. We aim to give a quality service in every area of our installation services, to confirm this we hold a current BS EN ISO 9002 quality assurance certification by the BSI.

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