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CA Speed

CA Speed

The CA SPEED range of signs results from CA Traffic and Techspan Systems combining years of industry expertise to create an affordable solution for the urban and inter urban road environments of today. The Vehicle Activated Speed Control Sign is targeted to address the issues of inappropriate speed where static signs have not proven effective.

The CA SPEED signs use CA’s new radar technology and combines it with the latest LED technology from Techspan to produce a highly reliable and energy efficient sign for the highway environment. The signs are fully compliant with TSRGD and En 12966.

The CA SPEED sign is designed to be lightweight making it easy to transport and install. The sign uses standard sign mounting rails making it easy to install on existing infrastructure.

A local wireless (Bluetooth) maintenance interface is included as standard to permit access to the logs within the sign as it is mounted at height. The sign is provided with a mains supply as standard with options to use stand alone sustainable energy systems e.g. a battery pack with solar / wind recharging were a local power feed is not available.

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