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CA Traffic

Providing a first class service for traffic data collection for over two decades.

CA Traffic Limited is a British company and a wholly owned subsidiary of TagMaster AB. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of traffic monitoring equipment, a wide range of instrumentation and software systems are available ranging from basic pneumatic tube counter classifiers through to full real-time ITS systems. Products and systems are designed for flexibility from the ground up, allowing a simple process of integration with other systems.Click here to view our Solutions

The company is dedicated to product development and in recent years has continued to grow with the addition of the Black Cat Outstation, ANPR cameras and market leading radar monitoring solutions.As well as providing a full range of products and services, CA Traffic also invests heavily in developing intuitive and powerful software solutions to meet the growing demands of traffic engineers worldwide.

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  • Australia

    Solutions Provided: Core Traffic Counters.

  • Spain

    Solutions Provided: Core Traffic Counters and Black Cat Outstation Platform

  • Belgium

    Solutions Provided: Radars

  • Canada

    Solutions Provided: Radars

  • Channel Islands

    Solutions Provided: Radars and EVR

  • China

    Solutions Provided: Radars

  • Denmark

    Solutions Provided: Radars, EVRs and Core Traffic Counters

  • Estonia

    Solutions Provided: Core Traffic Counters

  • Falkland Islands

    Solutions Provided: Speed Indication Display

  • France

    Solutions Provided: Radars and EVR

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